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"Or else Ruby had lost a touch of her magic in the years we’d been apart" -Imaginary Girls

i lost my touch but i never had touch

"I should head home actually," I said, "I’m kinda tired." -The Fault in Our Stars

"As social experiences reinforce each person’s private positive assessment of the other, intimate touching begins to appear."

' Behind his facade of amiable barbarism, behind his frivolous fascination with hog-lore, granny-rhymes, and how clocks were made lurked an agile mind and an almost feminine sensitivity to nuances of situations and relationships. ' -Dragonsbane

"We’ve all been through a lot of weird stuff."-The lost hero

"The warmer the weather the colder I am and the more I shiver; and when the weather is cold I become hot"- The six servants from Grimm’s fairy tales

"Light, unlike any other kind of wave ever encountered, does not need a medium to carry it along; light is a lone traveler; light can travel through empty space." -Brian Greene, "The Fabric of the Cosmos"

"I should head home actually," I said. "I’m kinda tired." - Fault In Our Stars

"We were both pretty embarrassed." - Howard Stern - Private Parts

"Twenty-two replies indicated that the position had been filled." -Stephen King’s "It"

aaaaaand seeing as i’m never without a bf/gf/lover and when i’m single they flock en masse that’s eerily on target

another job well done mr. king

What would be the harm, I thought, in going up and knocking on the door of the main house? Six Years Harlan Coben

"So here you are, after all. And there is pork, bread, cheese and beer. What is your name?" Saxon Stories - Book 1
Bernard Cornwell

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